Lisa Curry

Motivational Speaker

Lisa is undoubtedly one of Australia’s most popular personalities, with a unique and powerful message about personal success, overcoming obstacles, discipline, determination, weight loss, regaining your health and getting the best out of people.

She has achieved and learnt so much from being a triple Olympian, Keynote Motivational speaker, best selling author of six health and fitness books, personal trainer, coach, tv and radio presenter and mum.

Lisa continues to work and speak to help motivate, inspire and educate people to help them realise their full potential.

Bryan Jepsen

HVAC designs and their hygienic condition

Bryan will explain how HVAC systems are designed and can be evaluated for their hygienic condition. Learn about what happens with a system that is considered contaminated or may have been contaminated from a water damage event with in a building.

With over 10 years’ experience, Bryan’s career has been founded on HVAC and built environmental quality to provide comfortable and safe indoor environments.

Bryan has been highly sought after by pharmaceutical manufacturers, forensic science services, large claims, and governmental departments to take the lead for investigations and implementing remediation plans, particularly for controlled and microbially compromised environments.

Bryan serves on the Indoor Air Quality Association Australian (IAQAA) and Australasian Society of Building Biologists (ASBB) committees and has provided training resources to assist in continuing professional development programs.

Dr. Claire Bird

Summing up mould testing results

Dr. Claire will discuss environmental factors that influence your findings when testing a building for mould before and after remediation. We will look at upcoming advances in materials analysis and lead to conclusions that leave you more confident.

Dr Claire Bird has been passionately engaged in the Microbiology and indoor environmental sectors for over 20 years conducting research in Microbiology and Environmental Chemistry and achieved her Doctorate by developing new ways to detect and characterise environmental microorganisms for environmental and bio-surveillance applications in the UK.

Dr. Bird has worked across Academia and private industry, operating laboratories and leading IEP teams during remediation of some of Australia’s largest fire and water damage claims.

Jason Green

Biological Hazards & the Restoration Industry

Jason is a Certified Occupational Hygienist (COH)® and Full Member of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienist (AIOH).

Jason is a Certified Water Damage Restoration Technician with the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and he holds a master’s degree in Occupational Hygiene Practice (OHP) from University of Wollongong.

Jason has over 28 years’ experience in the fields of occupational hygiene, indoor air and environmental air quality (IAQ/IEQ), chemical exposure, hazardous materials, workplace health and safety (WHS) and environmental consulting. Jason has conducted a diverse range occupational hygiene, IAQ, IEQ risk assessments for a wide range of government, commercial, residential and industrial projects.

Jeremy Stamkos

Building failures, how they affect restoration efforts

Jeremy will be discussing building failures, how they present themselves, what to look out for and ultimately how they affect our restoration efforts.

Jeremy is a council Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant and Managing Director of Restoration Industry Consultants.

Jeremy serves on several industry committees for air conditioning, indoor air quality and property restoration.   Having spent 30 years in the Restoration industry he is a fierce advocate for better indoor air quality and actively works on the development of indoor air quality related guidelines, standards and training.

Brett Cole

Decontamination Principles

How clean is clean?
How clean does it need to be?

Brett has been working in contamination control in the High Containment, Life Science, Healthcare & Food/Beverage Market for over 20 years.

Brett’s formal qualifications are in Environmental microbiology & Chemistry & later in Occupational Hygiene & Toxicology. Experience in Academic Microbiological Research, Medical devices for High Level Disinfection, Engineering controls for contamination abatement, materials handling, infections & contaminated waste & facility microbial testing, decontamination & remediation.

Brett has worked in Australia, New Zealand, North America & Asia Pacific on many contamination projects from Beta-lactam site remediation, Animal Facility Infection, Clean-in-Process decontamination, Mould Infestation & Biological Contaminated Site decontamination.

Dr. Shelby Berg

Back to basics, bridging the gap from building to microscope

Fungal organisms are some of the largest, unseen organisms that exist in all ecological niches around the world whether it be soil, plant, gut, air, or buildings. This presentation will explore the intriguing world of fungi, why they proliferate within the built environment, and the factors that lead to severe contamination with a focus on fungal biology and ecology. We will discuss fungal contamination through the eyes of a mycologist and what this means for restorers to help bridge the gap between building and microscope.

Dr Shelby Berg is an environmental microbiologist with a doctorate specialising in bacterial and fungal microbiomes. Shelby has published articles on bacterial and fungal community profiling and presented at international conferences on microbial ecology. Shelby brings with her extensive experience in a range of sampling, sequencing, culturing, and microscopy techniques for assessing the microbial world. Shelby is the Laboratory and Research Manager of the air quality laboratory at Viridis Australasia and is passionate about engaging with industry professionals to help bridge the gap between fundamental and applied science.

Chuck Violand

Timeless Lessons from the Family Dinner Table

Management fads come and go about as often as clothing styles change. The same is true with business expressions and terms. But one thing that has remained relatively constant over the years, both in business and in life, are basic human values like trust, gratefulness, compassion, sharing, and looking out for others—values most of us learned through daily interactions with our parents and siblings when we were kids. Whether we realize it or not, the things we value most in our personal lives often translate into the business world. In this presentation, Chuck Violand takes seven lessons many of us learned at the family dinner table and shows how to apply them at work to managing people of all generations.

Chuck started Violand Management Associates in 1987 with the objective of helping owners of restoration and cleaning companies build profitable businesses for their long-term professional and personal success. As an author and popular keynote speaker, Chuck is a respected authority on entrepreneurial small businesses, having spent over thirty years as both a business consultant and an executive coach.

Ross Riek

Damaged floating floor identification
Gain efficiency through improving damaged floor reporting

Most restorers especially new to the industry professionals tend to learn primarily about how to dry flooring, however unless new restorers are exposed to what flooring products are being sold, it is extremely hard to provide accurate reports to the insurers without some basic knowledge of what’s out there.  

Ross from Carpet Care Floorcoverings in Sydney has put together some useful tips on how to quickly identify some of the floating floor products that are being sold and installed in homes to help educate restorers on quick and simple ways to identify them.

Oliver Threlfall

Advocacy, a voice for our members. Where we came from, where we are now and where we want to go

Oliver Threlfall (Chair – Advocacy and Membership Committee) along with Wayne Perng (Membership Development and Advocacy Manager RIA) will update all on the progress of the advocacy initiatives that commenced in following from our last RIA Convention in Sunshine the Coast.

They will discuss the issues that have handicapped the progress, the solutions to these issues, what has been achieved ,and the advocacy initiatives going forward.

Daniel Threlfall

Desiccant Dehumidification – Role of Large Scale Desiccants in CAT Events

Daniel will explain and talk about where and when to use large scale desiccant drying, including project examples of shopping centres greater than 30,000m2.

Daniel has over 15 years’ experience within the restoration industry, beginning his career with Steamatic directly after finishing University Business Management studies. Working in all areas of business operations, Daniel has gained invaluable hands-on restoration and project management experience, supported by ongoing industry development and training. Currently General Manager of SGR – Steamatic Global Recovery division and is responsible for the organisation and management of large loss recovery projects throughout Australia and internationally.

Stuart Buck

Containment & HEPA Filtration

Stuart will be discussing the strategies required to create a safe work environment by managing containment and using HEPA filtration
correctly throughout restoration projects. He will discuss some of the most common mistakes and provide clear guidance on requirements. In addition, Stuart will discuss clearance testing, and the when and how to get it right for your project.

Environmental scientist, with a depth of experience conducting hazardous materials building surveys and occupational hygiene services. Asbestos laboratory manager and senior licensed asbestos assessor, leading the delivery and implementation of asbestos management plans and remediation projects. Stuart is an accomplished Environmental Consultant with over 10 years of hands-on experience nationally and internationally. He has extensive experience in asbestos air monitoring, fibre counting, asbestos analysis, and respirable and inhalable dust exposure monitoring.

Jayne Robinson

How to Obtain and Retain Staff in Difficult Times

The driving forces behind employees and their choice of work. Different strategies for how to find, engage and recruit staff and how to make sure that once you have hired staff you don’t lose them.

Performance coach Jayne Robinson works alongside organisations to boost workplace culture via the power of appreciation as well delivering one to one coaching with leaders focusing on personal development for professional advancement. Jayne believes the secret sauce behind every exceptional leader is their level of Emotional Intelligence and understanding of behavioural styles. As such Jayne supports leaders to communicate with empathy, confidence, clarity and authenticity.

Justin Macdonald

Deconstruction During Restoration – Identifying Asbestos

Justin will cover the key points to be aware of in order to identify
asbestos on site and what to do once it has been identified.

Justin, a qualified engineer, has worked in the field of occupational hygiene for 12 years, all of which specialising in asbestos and over 6 specialising in water damage. Justin has a unique perspective, providing asbestos awareness training for 1000+ restorers and builders in the insurance space.