Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics


RIA Members adopt and abide by the following Code of Ethics:


As providers of property damage restoration, remediation and cleaning services to the public, we subscribe to the following principles in our relationships with customers, employees and business associates to:


  • Treat our customers and their property with care and respect.
  • Provide professional service in accordance with high standards of practice that will, where possible, restore the customer’s property to its pre-damaged or pre-soiled condition.
  • Operate in a manner consistent with ethical principles and sound business practice.
  • Proficient in our work through ongoing participation in education and training.
  • Provide our customer with accurate information concerning the scope of work required and its costs, maintaining strict impartiality in our professional opinions.
  • Disclose to the customer any connection we may have to their insurer or any other interested third party.


Adopted June 20, 2006
RIA Board of Directors



As a restoration contractor or vendor of the restoration industry, you are invited to join the RIA Inc.


As a member of RIA Inc., you will have access to business resources, staffing resources, discounts, networking opportunities, industry support and more. Your membership will also contribute towards the advocacy movement, a movement established to improve the industry for all stakeholders involved.


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