About the Advocacy Movement


The RIA Inc. Australasia advocacy movement is a movement established to unite the restoration industry and advocate for the best interests of restoration contractors nationwide, along with developing and implementing strategies to help create and maintain equity between restorers, insurers and their partners.


Restoration companies must unite, advocate for and deliver claims practices that are professional, financially sustainable for the providers whilst maintaining professional standards and practices. Without the unification of the restoration industry there could be continued pressure to reduce quality to match the remuneration being offered for restoration services. For the betterment of the industry and all its stakeholders, which includes restorers, builders, vendors, customers, insurers and partners, matters must change.


As a member of the RIA Inc., you are contributing to this movement. Your membership brings us closer to uniting the restoration industry. A part of your membership fee goes directly towards this cause. Thank you for supporting this movement. If you want to help further, you can, like many other businesses, become a sponsor of the Advocacy Movement. If you would like to find out more about our sponsorship opportunities, please write to us at


If you are not a member of the RIA Inc. and would like to support the movement, feel free to sign up as a RIA Inc. member or become a sponsor of the movement. Your membership would not only help the movement but will grant you access to a number of membership benefits the association provides to its members.