Logo & Usage Agreement

Terms And Conditions Governing Use Of RIA Inc. Marks




The Restoration Industry Association and the RIA/ASCR Foundation and their predecessor organizations have, since the founding in 1946 of the National Institute of Rug Cleaning, developed a recognized brand in the property cleaning and restoration industries. This brand is supported and communicated through various design logos, trademarks and service marks (collectively referred to as the “Marks”) that are unique to RIA and the Foundation and that, when appropriately exhibited, add RIA brand value to the organizations and individual professionals who are authorized by RIA to display these Marks. In order to preserve the integrity and brand value of the Marks, RIA has established certain requirements that are designed to protect the brand value of the Marks for the Association, the Foundation, and RIA members and partners. Compliance with this policy is a condition for the use or display of the Marks.


Core Terms That Apply to All Marks


Selected Marks of the Restoration Industry Association (“RIA”) may be displayed only by authorized organizations or persons (hereafter referred to as “Exhibitors”) which include members in good standing of RIA and/or individuals or companies that have specific permission for use and/or display of one or more RIA Marks as qualified by RIA. Each Exhibitor acknowledges the right of RIA, in its sole and unfettered discretion, at any time to alter this policy without notice and/or to revoke permission to use and/or display any or all RIA Marks. Any use or display of Marks by any company or individual shall constitute acceptance of the terms and conditions stated herein. Whenever displayed by an Exhibitor, RIA Marks must be displayed with the appropriate ® or SM or TM imprint as required and be accompanied within or on the same page where the logo or mark appears with a statement to this effect: “[NAME]SM and [NAME]SM or ® Logo Design is/are registered mark(s) of the Restoration Industry Association. All rights reserved. Used by permission of RIA.” Whenever displayed on Internet sites, RIA Marks must be hyperlinked to the RIA website, http://www.RestorationIndustry.org or to the landing page, if any, of the specific program or service represented by the exhibited Mark. Marks may not be revised, resized or altered in any way. Logo design Marks must be displayed in the same color and format as stated in the download instructions. If, for purposes of special printing requirements, a logo must be resized, proportions must remain the same.


Should a company’s membership in RIA be suspended or terminated for any reason, or should privileges to display Marks be revoked by RIA for any reason, then all Marks reserved to or belonging to RIA or referenced within these policies must be removed from all advertising, literature, web sites, business forms, business cards, brochures, etc. and/or wherever such Marks have been displayed by the former or disallowed member or Exhibitor. Reasons for termination of Exhibitor privileges include, but are not limited to, termination of membership through resignation or expiration (e.g., failure to pay dues by date of membership expiration), revocation of display privileges for inappropriate or unauthorized use as may be determined in the sole and unfettered discretion of RIA, revocation of membership privileges as may be permitted under bylaws of the association, or other reasons. Use or display of an RIA Mark is conditional upon the Exhibitor’s agreement to and compliance with this policy. Any organization or individual exhibiting RIA Marks covered by this policy shall be deemed to have accepted all terms of this policy and to have agreed to reimburse RIA for any cost of enforcement required to secure compliance by the exhibiting company or individual with this policy including, but not limited to, research fees, legal fees, and administrative costs plus overhead expended by RIA in the enforcement of the Association’s intellectual property rights. Any questions concerning the use of the logos or the terms and conditions of this license should be submitted to the RIA membership department.


Restoration Industry Association Inc. ® Name, Logo & Design


The RIA logo is the Mark that represents the Restoration Industry Association®, Inc. RIA does not permit display of the RIA logo by any organization or person other than by RIA itself unless such display has been specifically authorized in writing by the Association. RIA members in good standing are encouraged to publicize their membership in the Association: Example: ABC Company is a member of the Restoration Industry Association®.


RIA Member Logo


RIA members in good standing are authorized and encouraged to exhibit the RIA


Member Logo (“RML”) as an indicator of their membership in the Association. The RML may be exhibited only by RIA members in good standing. The RML Mark must be used in a professional manner; it may be displayed on the Exhibitor’s business cards, stationery, literature, website, store-front window, office, uniforms, interior walls, business vehicles or in any other comparable manner to signify the Exhibitor’s membership in RIA. Any other use of the RML which has not been specifically described herein must be approved by RIA. The RIA Logo may never be exhibited independent of the term “MEMBER”. The colors of the RML are: Black on a White field with a red (PMS 485) transverse element (the “slash”) in “RIA”. Font family for the name within the rectangle is Frutiger bold and bold italic.


RIA Certifications


Logos, names, and abbreviations of RIA advanced certifications are licensed for exhibit only to individuals (never to companies) who have been qualified by RIA for certified status in compliance the rules that apply jointly or separately to each certification and its specific requirements. Certificants must maintain their professional qualifications in compliance with the requirements of their certification program(s) in order to continue to be allowed to exhibit the certification Mark(s). The certifications to which this policy applies are:


Certified Fabric SpecialistSM or CFS
Certified Mechanical HygienistSM. or CMH
Certified Mold ProfessionalSM or CMP
Certified Restorer® or CR
Certified Rug SpecialistSM or CRS
Water Loss SpecialistSM or WLS


The above-referenced advanced certifications are RIA Marks and remain at all times the property of the program sponsor, Restoration Industry Association®. Use and/or display of the logos, names, or abbreviations (initials) of RIA advanced certifications are subject to all usage terms and conditions as established by RIA as program sponsor.


An RIA advanced certification is a mark of individual achievement and may not be used in any manner that creates an implied accomplishment of a company or business entity. The use and/or display of an RIA advanced certification serves as a public statement that an individual has fulfilled the rigorous requirements of an RIA advanced certification program; however, the use or display of an RIA advanced certification may not be used in any manner that could be construed as an endorsement of the individual certificant or of the certificant’s employer.


The appropriate display of an RIA advanced certification is to place the service mark name (i.e., the certification’s full name) OR the certification’s initials immediately following the certificant’s name separated from the name by a comma and a trailing space. Multiple certifications should be separated by a comma with a trailing space preceding the name or initials of the subsequent certification(s).


Example: John Doe, Certified Mold ProfessionalSM or John Doe, CMP
Example: John Doe, CR, CMP
Under no circumstances may an RIA advanced certification title or initials be used or displayed without connection to the appropriate certificant’s name, and never may it be used as an adjective or pronoun.
Acceptable: John Doe, Certified Restorer® is operations manager of ABC Company.
Unacceptable: John Doe is a Certified Mold ProfessionalSM.
Unacceptable: Let ABC’s Certified Restorers® handle your next mold job.
Unacceptable: ABC, Inc. is proud to be a Certified Restorer® company.


Inappropriate use or display of an RIA advanced certification may result in revocation of the certificant’s license for use and display of same.
RIA only certifies individuals, not companies. Neither certificants nor the companies that employ them may refer to their business as “RIA-certified”, as an “RIA-certified restorer” company, or refer to unnamed individuals as “the Certified Restorers® at XYZ Company”.


RIA Inc. Marks Covered By This Policy*


Logo: CR National Institute of Fire Restoration & Design®
Logo: NIDR Certified Restorer & NIDR Design®
Logo: Certified Restorer & NIFR®
Logo: Certified Restoration Technician & NIFR®
Logo: Mechanical Systems Hygiene Institute & Design®
Logo: MSHI & Design®
Logo: Member AIDS International & Design®
National Institute of Rug & Drapery Cleaning SM
Logo: Member ASCR Association of Specialist in Cleaning and Restoration & Design®
Logo: ASCR International & Design®
Logo: ASCR International & Design®
WLI Water Loss Institute & Design®
Logo: RIA Restoration Industry Association & Design
Certified Fabric Specialist SM
Certified Rug Specialist SM
Certified Mold Professional SM
Water Loss Specialist SM
Mold Remediation Technician SM
Mold Remediation Specialist SM
Water Loss Technician SM
We Make it Better SM