Restorer Resources

Please find below a number of resources for restoration contractors.

RIA Inc. Membership

RIA Inc. membership grants you access to a number of benefits the association provides. This includes business resources, staffing resources, discounts, networking opportunities and more.

Upcoming Events

RIA Inc. host a number of events each year for restoration contractors, vendors and other professionals in the restoration industry. Feel free to browse and attend our upcoming events.

Upcoming Courses

RIA Inc. host a number of courses each year for restoration business owners and their staff to participate in ongoing industry training. Feel free to browse and attend our upcoming courses.

Advocacy Movement

Access information, position statements and more regarding the RIA Inc. Advocacy movement, a movement established for the betterment of those involved in the restoration industry.

Find a Member

RIA Inc. restoration members can be found in all states of Australia and also in New Zealand. If you’re looking for a RIA Inc. restorer member, feel free to use this resource to search for one.

Become a Member

Broaden your business opportunities, access member only resources, receive discounts on events and training courses, network with other members and more.