Mission Statement

The Australasian Management Committee of the Restoration Industry Association Inc. (RIA Inc.) was established to provide the Australian and New Zealand restoration industry with a vehicle by which issues facing its membership could be brought to the attention of RIA and Industry leaders. We serve to support RIA’s membership and promote RIA’s interests in Australia and New Zealand.

The Australasian Management Committee wholly supports RIA’s mission statement which reads:

 ”The restoration contractor’s foremost resource for advanced education, professional practices, member advocacy, and cultivation of industry relationships.”

Code of Ethics

RIA Members adopt and abide by the following Code of Ethics:

As providers of property damage restoration, remediation and cleaning services to the public, we subscribe to the following principles in our relationships with customers, employees and business associates to:

  • Treat our customers and their property with care and respect.
  • Provide professional service in accordance with high standards of practice that will, where possible, restore the customer’s property to its pre-damaged or pre-soiled condition.
  • Operate in a manner consistent with ethical principles and sound business practice.
  • Proficient in our work through ongoing participation in education and training.
  • Provide our customer with accurate information concerning the scope of work required and its costs, maintaining strict impartiality in our professional opinions.
  • Disclose to the customer any connection we may have to their insurer or any other interested third party.

Adopted June 20, 2006
RIA Board of Directors

RIA Constitution 

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