Member Benefits

The Restoration Industry Association is the oldest and largest non- profit, professional trade association. We are dedicated to providing leadership and promoting best practices through advocacy and professional qualifications for the restoration industry.

Representing cleaning and restoration professionals specialising in textiles, environmental issues, and restoration; RIA provides credibility, education and business improvement events to maximise industry exposure and advance knowledge in the cleaning and restoration industry.

With an extensive network of professionals working towards similar goals, RIA has become a trusted resource of knowledge for those in the cleaning and restoration industries.

As a member of RIA and RIA Inc. you will have access to many benefits to help broaden your business opportunities, strengthen your training programs and promote your professionalism to the industry and beyond. All employees within and RIA and RIA Inc. member company are entitled to receive member discounts and member benefits offered.

Member Types

Ordinary Membership is open to any company whose primary activity is directly providing services involving the restoration, cleaning, mitigation, reconstruction, remediation, abatement, environmental or similar services to the built environment or it’s contents operating in Australia and New Zealand and has a right to vote.

Associate Membership is open to any company engaged in the manufacture, sale, installation and or distribution of products and services used by members, but not directly engaged in the cleaning and or restoration business and does not have the right to vote.

Honorary Membership is given to individuals by the Management Committee to recognise those who have distinguished themselves by meritorious  services and embody RIA Inc. Australasia’s ideals or those considered friends of RIA Inc. and are retired and or no longer work in the restoration industry and have the right to vote.

Pricing to join as an Ordinary and Associate member is $895.00 including GST (credit card fees are additional). To join and become a member of RIA please click below.