Position Statements

RIA Inc. has released its first number of position statements for the Australasia region.


The purpose of the position statements are to publicise RIA Inc.’s position regarding issues and matters pertaining to the restoration industry. These statements are for all stakeholders of the restoration industry.


After reviewing and understanding the statements, stakeholders can, if they choose to, share these documents with relevant entities to provide our views concerning issues and matters that have arisen. They can also be used to promote ethical and professional restoration practices for all stakeholders of the industry.


If you choose to share or use a position statement, please read and understand the disclaimer present on a position statement before doing so. Some employers may also need to grant approval to their employees to share or use these statements on behalf of their business.


A link to view each statement can be found below.



If you have any questions regarding the RIA Inc. position statements, feel free to write to us at admin@restorationindustry.org.au.