What is the Restoration Industry?


The restoration industry is an industry made up of professional businesses and vendors who provide services to restore, mitigate or reinstate damaged parts of buildings and contents, typically caused by water, fire, contaminants and major weather events.


These services are provided to support owners of domestic and commercial properties and is a multi billion dollar industry in Australia. Building and restoration businesses work with insurance companies, facility managers, property managers, strata managers and other professionals to address damages, with the aim of creating a safe, occupiable environment and bringing buildings and contents back to a pre-loss or better condition for the owner.


Many restoration companies offer a 24/7 service and tend to be the first responders to properties that have been affected. The staff of many restoration companies are there to support Australian families in times of need and after major weather events. They are thanked and appreciated by many who they help and support on a daily basis.

About RIA Inc.


The Restoration Industry Association (RIA) is the oldest and largest non-profit, professional trade association for the restoration industry. The association is dedicated to providing leadership, knowledge, training, events, support and advocacy initiatives for the restoration industry. 


Founded in the US in 1946, the association supports 1,000 member companies, representing over 20,000 cleaning and restoration professionals in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With an extensive network of professionals working towards similar goals, RIA has become a trusted resource for those involved in restoration.


In 2019, RIA Inc. Australasia was established as a chapter charter of RIA Inc. The Australasian Management Committee was formed to support RIA’s Australasia’s membership and promote RIA’s interests in Australia and New Zealand. 


The Australasian Management Committee wholly supports RIA’s mission statement which reads: 


”The restoration contractor’s foremost resource for advanced education, professional practices, member advocacy, and cultivation of industry relationships.”


If you are interested in working with the association or require assistance from the association, feel free to get in touch.



RIA Inc. provides a number of resources for stakeholders of the industry. These include resources for restoration contractors, vendors, customers, insurance professionals, facility managers, property managers and strata managers.


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