Bulletin 3 – April 2021


It’s hard to believe that it’s been ten months since our last advocacy bulletin – but what a year we all have had.


Whilst we have not been able to travel that much rest assured the advocacy committee have still been meeting monthly to progress this important initiative for our members.


We conducted a survey of our members back in November 2020 and the results were very encouraging indeed.


The results speak for themselves:


Over 90% of respondents would like a dedicated advocacy person to manage the advocacy movement with the most important thing the advocacy person should be focused on is developing AU standards, lifting the quality bar so to speak. The members felt that they would benefit from this position by all providers competing fairly, providing our customers work to a standard, and cut out “cowboys”.


Again with over 90% support the second most important thing our members thought the advocacy person should be focused on is promoting the industry, gaining recognition for the industry and pricing. The members that responded suggested that this will help with attracting good staff and assisting with profitability for our members.


Many members have offered to assist with this advocacy initiative (thank you), and I am sure we will be in touch once we understand our full needs and budgets to implement same.


Interestingly of those that responded 91.30% are willing to pay a higher membership fee if the increase was directly targeted to fund the advocacy movement. The advocacy committee have forwarded our findings to the management committee with our recommendations on this matter.


Fourteen (14) members have actively offered to sponsor this advocacy and once we finalise our budgets then these may be considered and called upon.


Additional comments in relation to the advocacy person or advocacy movement included:


  • The need to hold the Industry to standards. I’m tired of seeing Restoration companies putting equipment in with no idea as to what levels of Air movers and Dehumidifiers are required, or how to create and maintain a drying chamber.
  • Go for it.
  • Happy to support and encourage a healthier industry for all participants.
  • Align with our movement, they (assume advocacy committee) need to talk to a lot of us to know what we want, not what they think we need.
  • I fully support RIA with this initiative.
  • Until the standards are recognized within Australia and our industry regulated Insurers will continue to dismiss our industry as a whole in comparison to the building trades and we will always be dispensable – perfect example is the current environment of Insurers putting restoration in the hands of builders.
  • Long overdue but it’s starting to get momentum.
  • Could be beneficial to target a current non industry Executive.
  • Just get it moving.


Regrettably, we haven’t managed to “get it moving” as fast as we would have liked, budgets have been restricted with lack of our 2020 conference and ability to run educational fund raisers throughout the year. But there is light at the end of the tunnel, and we hope to finalise our budgets in coming weeks.


Knowing what we can spend will prioritise our actions.


So where to now?


  • Establish an advocacy sub-committee – Done
  • Get member feedback on your issues and needs – Done
  • From your feedback agree and formalise position statements for our industry – In Progress
  • Recruit a restoration advocate – Once budgets are understood and agreed
  • Inform and update membership on progress – Ongoing
  • Maintain advocacy momentum – Ongoing


Agreed we are not far enough down the track but please remember that this is being managed through volunteers from our membership, which we greatly appreciate, and to date without any official funding.


Our aim is still to raise locally in excess of $100,000 to enable RIA Inc. to have the confidence to recruit a suitable candidate knowing that we have the financial resources to sustain their efforts longer term.


We still need your help




  • Through your ongoing membership of RIA Inc.
  • Spreading the word to other restorers, that are not current RIA Inc. members, to get on board and support the advocacy cause through joining RIA Inc.
  • Consider a donation to RIA Inc. Australasia to support the advocacy movement.
  • Look out for and nominate any potential candidates for the upcoming advocacy position.


RIA Inc. Advocacy and Government Affairs (AGA) USA


Our local advocacy committee is keeping close to our USA counterparts to ensure that the overall position of advocacy is similar in its direction, but adapted for local issues and needs. They are pleased to see us start this process and I encourage you all to visit their website to review their works to date (many of which can be used locally also).


See https://www.restorationindustry.org/advocacy-and-government-affairs-AGA


Log in to get all their working papers.


We hope to see you all support the 2021 Conference and Trade Show by attending, and we will have an advocacy session at this event to update all and gain further membership feedback.


Until then keep well, keep safe, and keep offering superior RIA Inc. standard of work.


RIA Inc. Australasia
Advocacy Committee

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