Bulletin Four – December 2021


As we all finally see some light at the end of the tunnel from all the Covid restrictions and lockdowns RIA Inc. have some very positive news.


Through prudent financial planning and our members great support we are pleased to advise that we have employed a full time Membership Development and Advocacy Manager – Wayne Perng.


A little bit about Wayne


Prior to this role, Wayne served as the Vice President and Head of New Business for a restoration company based in Sydney.


During this time, he successfully on-boarded new clients which, during his tenure increased the company’s annual revenue dramatically. Wayne also co-ran and worked in the operations department, where he managed and serviced a large portion of the residential and commercial restoration jobs the company was engaged in.


In addition, Wayne has over 8 years’ experience as a designer, producing designs for corporations, SMBs and startups; designs used to support their sales and marketing activities.


The Membership Development and Advocacy Manager has been set specific measurable KPIs by the Advocacy committee to work on for the next 6 months. They include the development of additional membership benefits, activities to help position the RIA Inc. brand in the Australasia market and to increase membership and attain sponsorship to help with the advocacy movement.


Off and running


Wayne has already conducted a major telephone survey of RIA Inc. members and non-members for the development of additional RIA Inc. membership benefits. He may have even called you.


The intention was to seek honest feedback from our industry so that the RIA Inc. committees and advocacy movement can assist current members and new members, through delivery of what is needed and wanted.


Not surprisingly a high percentage (34%) of contractors surveyed wanted to achieve more growth and 21% wanted to make profit in their business. The most worrying concern of those surveyed was that there was a lack of professionalism in our industry and these providers were lowering not just standards but also compensation (prices).


RIA Inc. will take these responses onboard and we will work to assist and address some of these needs and issues.


Remember, one of the main purposes of the advocacy initiative is to drive recognition of our industry and to gain fair and equitable compensation for performing our services to an ethical standard upheld by our members.


A lot to do


RIA Inc. and the RIA Inc. advocacy committee have a lot to do, but we are now fortunate enough to have some more full-time support and are confident that we will:


  • Increase contractor membership
  • Increase vendor membership
  • Attract some sponsorship
  • Gain brand recognition through marketing, papers and presentations


So where to now?


  • Establish an advocacy sub-committee – Done
  • Get member feedback on your issues and needs – Done
  • From your feedback agree and formalise position statements for our industry – In Progress
  • Recruit a restoration advocate – In Progress
  • Inform and Update Membership on progress – Ongoing
  • Maintain advocacy momentum – Ongoing
  • Create social media, print and other branding and marketing pieces – In Progress


Agreed we are not far enough down the track but please remember that this is being managed through volunteers from our membership, which we greatly appreciate and to date without any official funding.


Our aim is still to raise locally in excess of $100,000 to enable RIA Inc. to have the confidence to recruit a suitable candidate knowing that we have the financial resources to sustain their efforts longer term.


We still need your help




  • Through your ongoing membership of RIA Inc.
  • Spreading the word to other restorers and vendors that are not current RIA Inc. members, to get on board and support the advocacy cause through joining RIA Inc.
  • Consider a donation to RIA Inc. to support the advocacy movement.
  • Attend the upcoming convention.


If you have issues that you wish the advocacy committee to address please feel free to email Wayne at advocacy@restorationindustry.org.au


We hope to see you all support the 2022 convention by attending, and we will have an advocacy session at this event to update all and gain further membership feedback.


Until then keep well, keep safe, and keep offering superior RIA Inc. standard of work.


RIA Inc. Australasia
Advocacy Committee

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