Bulletin Seven – March 2023


Message from the Head of Advocacy


First and foremost, I would like to start off by thanking the RIA Inc. sponsors and supporters for having me on board. It has been great meeting a number of members and working on activities to help bring about positive changes for the industry and stakeholders involved.


Since joining the RIA Inc., the RIA Inc. Advocacy Committee and I have been working on an advocacy strategy to guide the industry over the next 3 – 5 years. Central to this is defining and promoting our industry to key stakeholders. To help formulate the strategy and priorities, I have been talking to stakeholders in the insurance industry as to what their perceptions and understanding are of the restoration model.


Having come from the insurance industry, I am first to admit that I was in the same boat as many of those I spoke to, that is, no one really fully understands the restoration model, the industry’s operating dynamics and value propositions. The other key observation is the perception that the industry is not aligned or consistent with its approach to standards and scope. These are things we can quickly and easily address as we roll out the advocacy strategy and engage with the membership for input and participation.


In this advocacy bulletin, you will find an overview of the Advocacy Strategy, value propositions and what advocacy activities we have coming up. Over the coming months, we will continue to share with you updates as we continue to work on advocacy programs and talk to key stakeholders on behalf of members.


We encourage your questions and feedback so we can continue to improve our communications and ensure your issues are being heard. If you would like to write to the Advocacy Committee or me, please email advocacy@restorationindustry.org.au


Marcus Taylor
Head of Advocacy & Industry Communication


About the RIA Inc. Advocacy Strategy


The RIA Inc. Australasia has a very clear vision to provide leadership and promote best practice through advocacy, knowledge and professional qualifications for the restoration industry. In order to operationalise this vision and deliver real outcomes for members, the RIA Inc. Management Committee and RIA Inc. Advocacy Committee has endorsed the development of an advocacy strategy covering the next 3-5 years.


Part of the development process has been to spend time with members to understand what they perceive to be the challenges and opportunities facing our industry. This was followed by consultation with some stakeholders in the insurance industry to understand what the roadblocks are to a mutually beneficial restorer led model.


One of the actions that came from these discussions was the need to better articulate the restorer value proposition, that is what makes our industry unique and attractive to customers. The value proposition would then form a single and united voice or standards that would be used to promote the industry and address the needs of stakeholders. The committees have agreed that the four key value propositions are:


  • Cost, efficiency & damage mitigation
  • Customer care & satisfaction
  • Environmental & sustainable practices
  • Health & safety standards


The RIA Inc. is now working to further define these four value propositions so they are more tangible and measurable against insurer and government procurement needs. Assuring these stakeholders that RIA Inc. restorers adhere to these standards will make advocating the importance of restoration businesses and commercial conversations easier.


The best and easiest way to assure adherence to these standards is the establishment of an Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) endorsed, industry led, voluntary Code of Practice. Codes of Practice require members to agree and adhere to key standards under industry led governance. Members would be required to acknowledge their adherence to The Code annually as part of their membership renewal. The RIA Inc. would be responsible for, amongst other things, the development of The Code, promotion of The Code, hearing elevated disputes and advocating for members in certain situations.


It is easy to overlook an industry when the voices and approaches are fragmented. A single voice behind a single set of principles and standards will ring very loud and improve advocacy activities. Other benefits of having an industry code include increased confidence for stakeholders, marketing advantages, transparency of how the industry operates and more.


The proposed Code will be an overall industry code as opposed to the proposed Australian restoration standards, which at this point, looks to focus on procedural standards and information related to this. You can expect to see more communication and discussion about The Code over the coming months.


What’s Coming Up


  • Further definition and information on the four value propositions
  • Drafted Code of Practice for member consideration
  • Continued conversations with insurers to drive a restorer led model
  • Details on a project to illustrate customer avoided costs due to early restorer intervention


The Importance of the Conference  


The 2023 RIA Inc. Restoration Conference & Trade Show will be an important opportunity to discuss the RIA Inc. advocacy strategy, Code of Practice and priorities going forward. We encourage your attendance and participation to ensure your views are represented in our work with stakeholders and any questions you may have are answered.


For more information or to register participation, please visit https://www.restorationindustry.org.au/events/upcoming-events/2023-conference-trade-show If you have any questions or require assistance with registration, please call our Events Coordinator, Tameeka Thompson, on 0488 746 937 or email her via events@restorationindustry.org.au


We look forward to seeing you at this year’s conference and providing further updates over the coming months. Until then, keep up your good work of offering superior RIA Inc. standard of work.


RIA Inc. Australasia
Advocacy Committee

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