Certificate IV in Specialty Cleaning & Restoration Update


We are pleased to provide an update on the development and current status of the Certificate IV in Cleaning (Specialty Cleaning and Restoration). This significant initiative, which has required considerable effort from everyone involved, continues to rely on the dedicated contributions of RIA Inc. member volunteers to reach its completion and readiness for delivery.


The History


To develop the curriculum and educational materials for the Certificate IV, RIA Inc. engaged the independent organisation CAQA Resources. The comprehensive set of resources, completed in mid-2023, was entirely funded by RIA Inc. Australasia, which retains exclusive ownership of the resources. These materials include:


  • Student Activity Workbooks
  • Trainer Presentations
  • Session Plans
  • Unit Mapping & Requirements
  • Assessor Packs


Moving Forward


The materials produced by CAQA are now undergoing a peer review to ensure their practical integrity. This process involves refining, expanding, and enhancing the technical content. Simultaneously, RIA Inc. Australasia will collaborate with industry stakeholders to identify the most suitable Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to deliver the course, ensuring optimal outcomes for both the Australian and international markets.


We will keep all members informed as we make progress and appreciate your continued support and keen interest in launching this Certificate IV for the benefit of our industry.


We thank everyone for their support and keen interest in getting this Certificate IV off the ground for the betterment of the whole industry.


Benefits of a Nationally Recognised Qualification


Developing a Certificate IV qualification under the Australian Registered Training Organisation (RTO) framework offers numerous benefits to our industry. Some key advantages include:


Government Support and Funding: Developing a Certificate IV qualification can open up access to government support and funding opportunities. This can include subsidies for training programs, grants for skill development initiatives, and financial incentives for both employers and employees to participate in accredited training. Such support helps reduce the cost burden on businesses and individuals, encouraging greater uptake of the qualification and fostering a more skilled and capable workforce.


Compliance and Regulation: Industries with specific regulatory requirements benefit from having a structured training program that ensures all practitioners meet legal and compliance standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.


Improved Safety and Quality: Certificate IV qualifications often include training on best practices, safety protocols, and quality control measures, leading to safer work environments and higher quality outcomes.


Industry Recognition and Credibility: A nationally recognised qualification under the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) enhances the industry’s credibility and reputation, both domestically and internationally.


Economic Benefits: Developing a skilled workforce can lead to increased productivity, efficiency, and innovation within the industry, ultimately contributing to economic growth and competitiveness.


Adaptability and Innovation: A formal qualification framework allows for the incorporation of the latest industry trends, technologies, and practices, ensuring the workforce remains adaptable and innovative.


Standardisation of Skills: Establishing a Certificate IV qualification ensures a standardised level of skills and knowledge across the industry, promoting consistency and reliability in the workforce.


Enhanced Professionalism: By providing a recognised qualification, the industry can elevate the professionalism and credibility of its practitioners, leading to higher standards and better quality of service.


Workforce Development: Certificate IV qualifications are designed to develop intermediate skills and competencies, fostering the growth and development of the workforce. This helps employees advance their careers and take on more complex roles within the industry.


Attraction and Retention of Talent: Offering formal qualifications can attract new talent to the industry and retain existing employees by providing clear pathways for career progression and professional development.


Collaboration and Networking: The process of developing a Certificate IV qualification often involves collaboration between industry stakeholders, educational institutions and regulatory bodies, fostering stronger networks and partnerships.


The development and delivery of this Certificate IV qualification require careful planning, extensive industry collaboration, adherence to regulatory standards and a commitment to continuous improvement and quality assurance.


Overall, the Certificate IV qualification under the Australian RTO framework will significantly benefit our industry by enhancing workforce capabilities, ensuring compliance, improving safety and quality, creating economic support and training subsidies for employees and employers, boosting industry performance and reputation and strengthening the industry & value proposition.


Thank you for your support as we work together to achieve this important milestone for our industry.




If you have any questions about the Certificate IV in Specialty Cleaning & Restoration, please contact us via

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